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"It was after working hours. ICC/SS Donnell was the DCPO, I was the duty A-ganger.
Both A-gang MM1s were on board working. All 3 found me at the same time. Ricky
Donnell wanted me to take care of some menial task while the MM1s needed me to pull
some parts so they could go home. Chief Donnell, knowing I would help out A-gang,
said "Who's your sea daddy Joe?" I said "Sorry, Ricky. You're an E-7, they are both
E-6s, that's E-12, they win."  He laughed hysterically and walked away....God Speed

- MM2(SS) Henry P. Engo, Jr. (Joe S the Ragman)
Served aboard Tullibee from November 1984 to June 1988