Fellow shipmates. Friends. Thank you for coming to the first Tullibee Reunion.  We appreciate you making the
effort to come.  It's been a 30-year history that we're kind of celebrating today, of the Tullibee. There's been a lot
of good stories, a lot of camaraderie.

At the time I served on the Tullibee, she was brand new--didn't have a lot of the problems like you guys have
talked about here.  It was pretty state of the art, and a very, unique boat to serve on.  In 1960 to 1963, when I was
on there, we worked hard, like you guys all have.  But, thankfully, we didn't have all the big problems that you
encountered later.

It was a great growing up experience being on Tullibee. I'm sure everybody kinda shares that thought.

I'll try and make this as brief as I can 'cause I'm gonna introduce my son-in-law who, along with Gary Coffman, put
this whole thing together.  Paul has worked tirelessly over the past few months to bring this thing to fruition.  So,
without further adieu -- if you could give him a warm welcome -- we're gonna bring Paul up here and he'll carry on.
Jack Munro's Welcome and Introduction of Paul Lambert
I'm gonna start off here with the standard cliché:  If anyone told me a year ago that I'd be standing up here,
giving a speech in front of some submarine veterans, I'd have told them they'd gone off the deep end.  [Laughter]

I've never served in the armed forces, let alone a submarine.  I'm not a good swimmer.  I'm not likely to put myself
in a confined area anytime soon.  And I'm not mechanically inclined, so you probably wouldn’t want me running
the flood control valves.

What I think I am good at, though -- and I hope you all agree -- is that I run a damn good web site. [Applause]

How did this all begin?  Well, first of all you have to understand that -- my father-in-law -- he loves to tell stories.
[Laughter]  Stories about his work as a general contractor -- he's built more than fifty houses in and around
Gloucester, Massachusetts.  And that's pronounced "Glosta" if you live in Gloucester.  He's told stories about his
diving experiences.  But, most of all, he loves to tell stories about his days on Tullibee.  When he talks about those
days, it's like he lived them just last week, instead of 40 years ago.

Whether it's a story about his fellow shipmate accidentally dumping a bucket of cottage cheese on an officer's
head, [Laughter] -- or standing on marathon watches for as long as thirteen hours, Jack's stories have always
been entertaining and I've been inspired by him to do this.

So, to make this reunion a reality for him, for you, and for all the veterans of the USS Tullibee, thank you all for
coming. [Applause]

We've got a few other speakers that want to say a few words.  I'll introduce them.  We have, first off, Tom Barnhart,
who served aboard Tullibee from March of 1982 to September of '86.  Tom, step up please. [Applause]
Paul Lambert's Speech and Introduction
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