Before there was an official web site, there was the USS Tullibee Yahoo! Groups Message Board.
An inspiration created by me after listening to the many stories that my father-in-law, Jack Munro, has told,
the USS Tullibee Yahoo! Groups message board gives Tullibee Veterans a place to post their stories of their time
aboard the USS Tullibee or to connect with other Tullibee Veterans and keep up with their fellow shipmate's lives.  
There are many other features available for Tullibee Veterans to use.

Below are links that will take you directly to the pages that you most frequently visit when using the message board.  
You must, first, become a member of the board before you can access the links.
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Home - This will bring you to the front page of the message board.
Return to the Official USS Tullibee Home Page
Messages - The latest messages posted by your fellow shipmates or family members of shipmates.
Post - Have a thought that you would like to post and don't want to wade through Yahoo! to get there?  This link will
take you directly to where you can immediately post a message to your fellow shipmates.
Chat - Want to save ($$$) on long distance phone charges?  Plan a chat with other Tullibee Veterans.  You can
type in your responses or use a microphone and speakers
to talk to and listen to your fellow shipmates!
Files - Do you have a file on your computer that you might want to share with other Tullibee shipmates?  Upload
your file here.
Photos - Do you have photographs of your time on Tullibee or an up-to-date photo of yourself that you would like to
share with your fellow Tullibee shipmates to show that you've aged as well as wine? ;)  Here is the place to post it!
Links - Are there any links to other web sites that you would like to share with your fellow Tullibee shipmates?  
Maybe you have your own dedicated web site to the Tullibee and want to share it with other Veterans.  Or you found
a web site that you feel other s would be interested in.  Post the link(s) here.
Database - If you are particularly computer savvy, you can post data here.  Keep lists your favorite favorites here
for future reference.
Members - See a list of all the current members of the Yahoo! Groups Message Board.  You can see members
profiles and get e-mail addresses of Tullibee Veterans.
Calendar - This is a calendar where you can plan events amongst yourselves.  Maybe you want to plan a reunion at
your house for Tullibee Veterans who live close by.  Or you can use the calendar as a reminder of special events for
your own use.  Just remember--others can see what you post.  So, you might not want to post your birthday.  You
might get a slew of electronic e-mail cards in your in e-mailbox! ;)