Lee, Charles J. 11/9/09
Lindley, Silas Eugene 9/20/11
Low, Douglas Wade 4/6/08
Lukacsy, Louis 3/14/06
Marsh, Charles R. 12/7/07
Masson, Rogers 8/31/89
Mattina, Angelo James 1/12/03
Mays, Pete
McCauley, Donald
McCrea, Thomas O. 4/15/14
McCroskey, Bruce 5/29/04
McGrath, William J.
Monogue, Kenneth R. 1/1/03
Montgomery, David R. 6/24/09
Morgan, John F. 11/14/86
Moroney, Thomas H. 1/1/99
Moshier, Clyde 11/1/70
Moyer, David 5/11/09
Murphy, Sterling 6/27/07
Murtha Sr., William P. 8/10/09
Neidermeyer, William 9/20/07
Neiswonger, James 12/24/10
Nestor, Jr., Joseph 6/27/11
Nicely, Randolph Lee (Randy)
Nikola, John H. 11/26/04
O’Malley, John S.
Oxfurth, Arthur 3/3/07
Papillard, Georges Marcel 10/17/08
Parr, Jay E. 5/29/10
Petty, William Douglas 12/12/09
Phillips, Edgar V. 5/27/14
Picklesimer, Lionel 12/20/87
Piggott, Paul E. 5/23/06
Potter, Jr., Frederick 5/6/03
Rankin, James D. 6/25/10
Razinha, Marshall J. 10/1/00
Scida, John P. 1/11/14
Scott, Harold Truett 9/18/02
Shelton, Sr., David
Shelton, Merle Duane 12/27/11
Shewmon, John Curtis 11/15/03
Shimckus, Carl A. 1/2/10
Shirek, Ken H. 7/22/2011
Speck, Wilfred C. 4/21/11
Steiner, Frederick T. 2/9/07
Stolz, William C.
Strassels, James H. 4/22/15
Synhorst, Gerald E. 10/1/86
Tall, Donald Eric 11/23/10
Tapley, Frank 9/20/13
Tardiff, Henry
Templin, Ron 6/3/08
Tigert, John Andrew 12/29/96
Towery, Robert
Turner, John 8/1/71
Turnier, Harry A. 12/28/02
Vincente, Jose 3/19/11
Wallace, John 6/5/68
Whitcomb, Allison H. III 5/11/10
Wigley, Lawrence S. 9/25/13
Wilson, Barry 1/7/15
Winge, Don 1/1/05
Wolf, Brent 12/21/09
Wood, Richard 4/19/88
Yates, Paul David 12/16/14
Young, John
Ackerman, William
Adams, Michael 1/1/72
Adams, Rockwood
Adler, Leonard, 3/1/11
Alford, Zeb D. 8/4/09
Ash, James R. 9/29/99
Bible, George 9/1/12
Bickford, Lewie M. 3/10/13
Birk, George A. 8/11/09
Boggess, Layne Forrest 10/6/08
Bracy, Timothy Ford 12/19/14
Bradley, Richard
Bratley, Melton 7/9/08
Brigham, Paul 4/8/06
Broderick, Thomas 12/16/12
Brown, Rowland 8/12/12
Bugarin, Ely Manglicmot 12/1/87
Bullough, Bruce 4/28/03
Chumney, Larry 8/23/13
Cloke, Paul R. 7/2/07
Compton, Gregory Steven 12/14/09
Coons, Bard S. 12/27/2006
Cremin, Raymond J. 1/23/05
Davis, Webster 7/20/2000
DeNicola, Vincent J. 2/12/07
Dickson, Ernie 11/5/06
Dizdul, Mike 3/1/86
Dodson, G. Carol 12/7/07
Dollison, Larry L. 7/19/01
Donnell, Richard Stover 7/10/15
Eck, William S. 2/21/07
Eldridge, Peter L. 6/26/13
Farnon, Thomas E., 5/23/12
Fisher, Daniel Hough 5/20/11
Fitzgerald, Jr., Thomas Wooten 12/27/05
Forni, Elwood Henry 4/10/63
Forsyth, James Perry 5/6/11
Garrelts, Larry H. 5/10/08
Gentry, Robert 4/14/06
Gilbert, Clyde (Skip) 1/14/15
Gladd, Adrian D. 9/12/99
Griffiths, Rodney D. 8/7/2010
Grove, David E.
Hale, Robert 6/6/64
Hall, Gareld Edward 5/20/09
Hammond, Larry R. 10/15/12
Harring, William 2/7/15
Harris, Darrell Eugene 12/15/13
Harvey, John W. 4/10/63
Hinkle, David R. 4/27/09
Hogeland, Larry H. 5/18/15
Hudson, Dennis 12/22/13
Huffaker, Douglas Dean
Ingram, Grover 9/27/12
Irving, Dennis
Jamison, Hugh
Jeffcoat, A. Bruce 7/29/07
Jortberg, Richard E.
Kalata, Emil R.
Keich, Edwin G. 5/8/98
Kelley, Harvey 5/1/07
Kerfien, James 11/19/09
Kerstetter, Franklin G. 6/11/10
Kessell, Edward 2/1/87
Klinedinst, Paul R. 1/13/80
Latimer, James A. 3/1/07
"Shipmates, Rest Your Oars"

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