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Navy NewsStand - The mission of the Navy NewsStand is to serve as U.S. Navy's official internal news Web site. - A site dedicated to helping submarine sailors and their families stay in touch, and preserve
some of our history along the way.  Find boats, crew, family and friends, home pages and more.
NavSource Naval History - The simple goal of NavSource Naval History is the preservation of naval history, in the
form of images and text, and also to help former shipmates find each other by providing reunion and contact
United States Submarine Veterans Inc. (USSVI) - We are United States Submarine Sailors!  We were, and are,
members of the elite fighting force of the United States Navy.  We are all QUALIFIED IN SUBMARINES.  If you are
Qualified in Submarines we want you in United States Submarine Veterans Inc.  This is where everyone understands
what you do or did, and you understand them.  This is common ground.
Naval Historical Center - Enhancing the Navy's effectiveness by preserving, analyzing and interpreting its
hard-earned experience and history for the Navy and the American people.
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USSV/Barb Base - Created in 2003 and based in Fort Myers, FL, The Barb Base web site is one of the best USSVI
sites on the web.  The USS Barb (SSN-596) was the ship authorized to be built by the US Navy just prior to the USS
Tullibee.  Monthly newsletters, Officer's comments, a photo site, specs on both Barb boats (SS-220 and SSN-596), a
calendar of events in the Florida area, and many other tidbits of information make this web site a cut above the rest!
History and Parts of the Submarine - This site contains a treasure trove of links to submarine information and
resources for anyone ages 8 to 88.  DIVE! DIVE!...into this page for the ultimate submarine experience!