From Commission to Decommission;

from her launching, to being towed to her final destination;

from her keel being laid, to being officially disposed;

and from her authorization, to being struck from the Navy's List;

the USS
Tullibee has her own unique story to tell.

Many Tullibee Veterans will tell you that although she did not gain the great attention and fame
of some other submarines, she does have a place in history that deserves to be recognized.

This is where you will find that recognition and information on Tullibee's history.
Official Program of the USS Tullibee Commissioning Ceremony - Includes histories, Commissioning Crew List,
Jortberg biography. and other interesting Tullibee information.
Official Program of the USS Tullibee Decommissioning Ceremony - Includes dates in history, a list of all Tullibee
Commanding Officers, Decommissioning Crew List, and Decommissioning Program.
USS Tullibee Newspaper Articles - A handful of articles, documenting Tullibee's history.
USS Tullibee Pictures - Various pictures of the Tullibee in action.
USS Tullibee Crew Picture - A picture of the crew at a celebration of the Tullibee Launching on April 27, 1960.
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USS Tullibee/An Historical Look Back at the "Submarine of Firsts" - A detailed history of the USS Tullibee (SSN 597).
USS Tullibee Cartoons - Some funny cartoons.
Michael Croteau's Photo Album - A pictorial and an inside look at one veteran's Med Run experiences.
New Atomic Submarine "Tullibee" (1960) - Rare footage of the USS Tullibee's launch.